AQ SNOOKER under the vision of 2032, has introduced an opportunity for all snooker enthusiasts. We are offering snooker coach development program. Our Snooker Coach content is a kind of challenge to complete and through tough exam you can become a snooker coach.

Certification in every filed is required but for snooker requires extra efforts to achieve a knowledgeable lever in snooker as a coach.  By undergoing AQ Snooker’s Coach Certification you can help your academy, youngsters & your country.

Financial benefits come to the one who puts extra effort to become a professional in the world of amateur.

Who can become a snooker coach?

If you are an owner of a snooker center, experienced snooker player or even are planning to open your own snooker center as an academy / business, AQ Snooker Coach certification is the only thing you need to be the best in your snooker fertinity.

AQ Snooker has changed the face of snooker in Pakistan, now more & more people, clubs / academies following AQ Snooker footsteps.  It’s time for you to become a snooker’s authentic coach, get recognized and talk confidently about snooker through knowledge.

With snooker coach certification you will be promoted on AQ Snooker’s social media and will be introduced as a single snooker experienced certified snooker entity.