AQ Snooker is constantly working on improving snooker accessories and under the vision of 2032, AQ Snooker has launched researched based snooker tables and cues. Snooker table is sometimes misunderstood by many, so the manufacturers who are making bulk tables are just following each other without thinking out of the box. AQ Snooker with 30-years of affiliation with cue sport industry is now introducing RESEARCH BASED SNOOKER & POOL /BILLIARDS TABLES. Cost effectiveness is the key to any business, if you are planning to open your own snooker center or academy, AQ Snooker can provide you tables of all types, sized & and different designs.

we also buy used snooker tables. if you have a table at home or at your snooker center and want to upgrade your table, sell your old tables to us, for details please contact.

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